Automatic Internet Millionaire

How to Become an Automatic Internet Millionaire


Reading this Report could turn out to be the most valuable, rewarding,
and profitable Financial thing you’ve ever done in your life!

According to Forbes Magazine, over the next 3-5 years close to 79 million people
will be EXACTLY where you are right now...looking to start their own business.

This Report will Show you WHY this is Good News for You.

Yes, it is Lengthy, But we wanted you to Know Everything there is
about Our System, so that You can Make the Right Decision to join us.

This Business is for Serious Entrepreneurs. You MUST be willing to Commit
to this System for the Next 5 Months. If you CANNOT, please STOP here.
However, If you will commit to 5 months we Promise you that this System
will make You More Money than ANY other System or Program Online.
We are Only looking for 10 Committed people…Are you One?

Very IMPORTANT that you READ every word of this Report

…Leaders are Readers!

Do Not Dismiss this as HYPE. 100% Mathematical Facts!
YOU are about to Discover…
How to Turn $18 per Month into $1,000,000 per Year!

NO…that is NOT a MISPRINT!
Members are on Pace to do this in as little as 5 MONTHS
...while others will take up to 12 MONTHS

Do Not let the Small Price fool you…
Dollar Stores are a BILLION DOLLAR Industry So Pay CLOSE attention
as we give you Everything you need to Make an Informed Decision…
it’s ok. Get EXCITED… it is Real.

If You are trying to create additional income from home,
reading ALL of this Report will literally Save You Years
of Frustration and Failure!


1)It takes 2 years of Community College Education to
give you a potential of $24,000 to $30,000 annual Income.

2)It takes 4 years of University Education to give
you a potential of $35,000 to $60,000 annual Income.

3)If you make $40,000 per year at your JOB,
it would take you 25 YEARS to make $1M.

4)Average Lawyer makes $70,000 per year
after 7 years of University Education.

5)Average Doctor makes $96,000 per year
after 10 years of University Education.

6)With our System you can Make $1,000,000 per year
Without you lifting a finger (After a few Months).
Within the Next 5 to 12 MONTHS

Which of the 6 Options would you choose?
The Choice is Yours!

You Owe it to yourself to READ every word of this Report
and then make your Choice!
This System is your Solution
to all your financial problems.
Now, you will Finally make
money without spending all your time working, working, working.

This System is Designed to Make You the Most Amount of Money,
In the Least Amount of Time, With the Least Amount of Effort and
Cost of Doing Business. It is Practically FREE!

This SYSTEM Almost Guarantees Your SUCCESS.
We Actually Give You the KEYS to Your Financial Future.
All you have to do is take them.

So Read every single word because you are about to Change your Life
No more Losing Money.  No more Wasting your Valuable time

SUCCESS Starts here! Right Now.

Pay close attention as this Report will show you EXACTLY how to
Grow your Bank Account Faster than Ever
, even while the Economy
is Falling Apart.

Let’s quickly take a look at the various ways you can earn money

Employment – working long hours but money is usually never enough
Franchise – most people don’t have enough money to purchase one
Traditional Business – working long hours and plenty of money
is needed to get started
Network Marketing – working short hours and small amount of money
is needed to get started but with Exponential Rewards

For most people Network Marketing is the one that makes
the most sense. WHY?  Because you have No Boss to answer to,
Low Start up cost, No employees, and most IMPORTANTLY Network
Marketing has created the most Millionaires
in the last few years!

Former US President Bill Clinton endorses the Direct Selling
Association, of which Network Marketing accounts for 95%
of all its Sales. In 2018 that was $189 Billion.

This is the NEW Way to become Wealthy.
In the past, it was those who had the
Masters Degrees, those who
came from Rich Families, High Powered CEOs, Doctors, Lawyers
which was unattainable for most people.

Things have Changed!
More Millionaires are being created through the use of the Internet
today than ever before; in particular, Online Network Marketing.
Even Billionaires, like Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson, are
involved in Network Marketing.

Don’t let the words Network Marketing scare you.
Most people don’t know that this Industry has been a
very successful method of Distributing products and services
over the last 60 years. If you have tried any form of Network’re probably like the 90% who failed
, but don’t
worry it wasn’t your fault; you just weren’t told the Truth.

What Truth?
That the Secret To Success is Building A LARGE Network.
Did you Get that?

Here are some Examples:
Bill Gates…Billionaire…
What does he have…A LARGE Network

Warren Buffet…Billionaire…
What does he have…A LARGE Network

Mark Zuckerberg…Billionaire…
What does he have…A LARGE Network

Oprah Winfrey…Billionaire…
What does she have…A LARGE Network

And the list goes on…
Even the Companies in your Neighbourhood
Grocery Stores, Clothing Stores, Car Dealerships, Gas Stations, Banks…
What do they have…A LARGE Network(all the people in the Community)

We are no different…
we need to Build a LARGE Network
YOU will NOT become a Billionaire…but a Millionaire is VERY Realistic.

(Income as of 2018)

1) Dexter and Birdie Yager……..............$15,600,000 per year
2) Chanida and Nat Puranaputra....……..$14,400,000 per year

3) Kim Hui…………..........................…….$10,200,000 per year

4) Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala…....$9,900,000 per year

5) Rolf Kipp………………............................$9,600,000 per year

6) Chad and Nattida Chong….....……....…..$9,000,000 per year

7) Brian McClure……………...................…..$8,400,000 per year

8) Barry Chi and Holly Chen............………$6,000,000 per year

9) Jeff Roberti……………………….............…...$5,400,000 per year

10) Enrique and Graciela Varela..............$4,740,000 per year

What Do They ALL have in Common?
………A LARGE Network

“The Richest people in the World
look for and Build NETWORKS
…Everyone else looks for WORK”

Robert Kiyosaki

Our Team have developed the Most Powerful Wealth Building System
that will Create…..……..A LARGE Network……........for YOU

This is a Simple yet Effective System that
will give you the Success you Deserve!

The best part is that the System is 100% TURN KEY.
After a FEW Months …it actually RUNS BY ITSELF

The System will then DO ALL the work and YOU get ALL the Pay.
All YOU have to do is Register; then Follow Simple Directions
to Get Others to See what You are Seeing…that’s the Marketing
part of
Network Marketing.

NO NEED to worry…there is NOTHING You will need to know,
as the System will do Just About EVERYTHING for you

No guess work!

Pay Close attention to this Powerful Marketing System
that we have built!
Let me ask you a FEW Questions…

1)Are YOU Serious about your Financial Future?
2)Are YOU Willing to Spend $18 per Month to Make
ONE MILLION DOLLARS per year in the Next 5 Months to 12 Months?
3)Are YOU Willing to Follow the Simple Step By Step instructions?

How Many Steps?…THREE (3)

ONLY 3 Live the Life...YOU Deserve

…NO more Living Pay Check to Pay Check
…NO more Long Hours Away from Your Family
…NO more Public Housing
…NO more Credit Card Debts
…NO more Student Loan Payments
…NO more Car Loan Payments
…NO more Mortgage Payments
…DRIVE the Car you want to Drive
…LIVE in the Neighbourhood YOU want to live in

ENJOY Life on Your Terms

This System is designed to create Financial Liberty
and Early Retirement for all those who Take Action.

People from ALL walks of life are making thousands of dollars
each month using this Simple yet Powerful System. Why not you?

The sad Truth is that you can’t rely on the Government to look
after you. You can’t rely on your Boss, you can’t even rely
on the Banks. The Financial crisis showed how weak our whole
financial system is. And how little Banks and Governments care
about the ordinary person, like you and me.

They are out there, lining their own pockets and when they mess
things up for everyone, they bail each other out, but not you or me.

So many people lost their jobs in the recession.
Good people, honest workers who got crushed
under the wheels of the ruthless corporate machine.

Many people saw their retirement funds disappear overnight;
but did it really disappear? For every debit there is a credit;
in other words, Your Loss is Someone Else's Gain.

We need to learn from this.
You need to secure your own financial future and ensure
that in times of crisis you have a safety net to fall back on.

Let’s be Truthful…
Who REALLY wants to work long hours,
get little pay, week after week, year after year?
All you really want is the financial potential to make life better.
Don’t YOU deserve it?

Stay with me and let me show you how to get the Income
that you truly deserve! Thousands of people are Changing
their lives using the Internet every single day.
Now it’s YOUR Turn! Because Working Harder doesn’t Guarantee
You will make more money… And neither does Working Longer.

The TRUTH isthe people who are RICH, don’t work
nearly as Hard as the people making MINIMUM Wage.

There is a good reason for this…
...the RICH spend their time on things that produce the
Most Amount of Profits with the Least Amount of Work.

One way to do that is through LEVERAGE in your business,
so you can get
MORE done, and MORE results, from the same
amount of
EFFORT you are ALREADY doing.

Can you Spend 10 Minutes a day...Monday to Friday...doing this?
Send Enough people to VIEW what you are viewing, until you have
AT LEAST 10 Paid Members
…that’s 10 people Paying $18 a month
...That’s all you have to do!

And when your Prospects Register, that’s all they will have to do.
Now you have Duplication and Leverage so you can finally have
the Success You Deserve by Creating………....A LARGE Network.

      Let Me Show You The Money

As of December 2017...
...the Automation Software Industry is a $11.4 Billion
market, and will Grow to $25 Billion Annually by 2023

Imagine YOU earned 1% of that market each Year?
That's $114 Million yearly Income in 2017...
so you can see
Earning $1 Million Yearly from this
market ($88,000 monthly) is

This is where comes in. (TW) is operated by Hamney Roobright, Inc.
located in Spring, Texas.
Founded in the year 2000 by Brian Rooney
and Stephen Hambright, develops and manages
AutoResponder technology (Automation Software) for small and medium
sized businesses in over 140 different countries. Clients access TW
web-based AutoResponder system 24/7 to manage and send newsletters,
sales letters, special offers, and other important EMAIL communication
to their subscribers.

TW AutoResponder runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 
never calls in sick, never forgets, and doesn’t ask for a raise!
TW the PERFECT Employee!


Millions of Consumers and Businesses purchase AutoResponders
.......................Why not from you?

     Get Started Now and
Take the

In Your First 30 DAYS...Take 10 Minutes a Day Find 10 others that will respond

Here is what would happen if...

Everyone completes the challenge
30 DAYS...You would have Earned $180


60 DAYS...You would be Earning $125 Monthly

90 DAYS...You would be Earning $1,125 Monthly

4 MONTHS...You would be Earning $11,125 Monthly

5 MONTHS...You would be Earning $88,587 Monthly

In 5 MONTHS you would be Earning MORE than what
MOST people Earn YEARLY...ALL in Just 5 MONTHS!

.......How about that........

      Too Good to be True?

Well we all know Life IS NOT perfect

What if...Everyone is Really SLOW and very Inexperienced
so they take 10 find 10 others that will respond?
Seriously...10 WEEKS to get 10 others to Spend $18 a month,
in order to Make $1,000,000 a year for LIFE.

That's ONE (1) Sale EVERY 7 DAYS

10 Weeks...You would have Earned $180

20 Weeks...You would be Earning $125 Monthly

30 Weeks...$1,125 monthly
40 Weeks...$11,125 monthly
50 Weeks...
$88,587 Monthly

         50 WEEKS to Earn $88,000 Monthly!
     That's 2 weeks short of 12 MONTHS

     FOCUS on Getting Your 10 this
      will SOLVE ALL
of your Financial Issues

The Internet is the GREAT EQUALIZER!

Let’s get you started on the road to
Becoming a
Automatic Internet Millionaire!

Just follow the 3 simple Step-By-Step Instructions.

Here is what you need to do.



Once YOU Have THEIR TW Link
STEP 2 to Get Started


This should take you about 4 minutes
- make sure you have your credit card ready.
TrafficWave will charge your Credit Card
$17.95 usd per month.

You need to Register as a PAID AFFILIATE
Trial members (FREE) DO NOT make money




                   This is a Business...
           ...those who are interested in Making
          MONEY from Home............WILL JOIN

Where else can you start a business from home
...with a minimal "investment"
of $18 usd monthly
out of pocket...and make a REALISTIC $88,000
monthly in the Next 5 Months....

TrafficWave caps Your income at $88,587 Monthly
That's an INCOME of $1,063,044 YEARLY
...this is BETTER THAN your JOB
...this is BETTER THAN the LOTTERY

Your ONE SIMPLE to provide people
with THIS SAME WEBSITE that you are viewing.



Direct EVERYONE you know...all of Your Personal
Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Cousin,
Friend, Co-worker, School mate, Associate, etc.

Use Social Media, Give out Flyers, Postcards, Business cards, etc. with THIS WEBSITE and
YOUR CONTACT INFO(Name and Email address)

Those that are interested in Getting Started

When they
purchasing a TW AutoResponder
for $18 monthly...
you will get the Reward (Money in
Your Pocket
and they
will REPEAT this Same Process

This WEBSITE does the Selling and Convincing

And Your Income will continue to Grow Over Time
...up to $88,587 per Month

All you need to put this PLAN into action
Simply putting THIS WEBSITE in front of others
============================== ===========
How Your Life Will Change Financially... YOU Earning $88,000 MONTHLY
That's a Cool $1,000,000 YEARLY

============================== ===========

Billionaires...BUILD NETWORKS
OTHERS...Look For Work
    What Will

If you have any questions at all regarding this System
...send all inquiries to the ADMIN Team here:

Yes...we answer ALL questions via EMAIL

for all of our members and their Prospects

Support is Available
Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm EST

If you contact us outside of these hours we will
respond to you as soon as we are back online

Here's to your Success,
Michael Williams
System Founder


After you have purchased your own TW AutoResponder,
...something exciting will happen.

You will feel an overwhelming sense of conviction in the system.
You have PROVEN it first-hand that this business really works.
o there must be many others who are willing to do exactly the
same just did.

Send THIS WEBSITE to Everyone Everywhere
The more you send...the better it will be for you.

Send it to people you know. Send to people you have
done business with. Send to people on your contact list.
Everyone has at least 100 people who have sent them
emails in the past...Check your Email Account(s)....

Buy a Email List...if you have to...and email them.
Remember with ONLY 10 others that take action
you can make up to $88,587 monthly.

If it is people YOU KNOW...Only need to send to 100 people
If it is people you DON'T know...then you need to send to a lot more

Keep sending until you receive at least 10 Sales


Within 5 to 12 MONTHS...$88,000 Dollars
..................could be in your Bank Acount.


And as always...
Pay your taxes according to the Rules of your country


Scroll back up to where it says
"Here is what you need to do"

      and Start with...STEP 1






1,000,000 DOLLARS