January 2013 Monthly Message

Hello Everyone
Michael Williams here ...
Founder, A.I.M System and Leader of the Support Team

Well ... 2013 is here ...
One more Week before everything Back to "Normal"
in the Advertising/Marketing World ...

Trust you had a Pleasant Holiday Break...
...Always Great to Spend Quality Time with Family
You should strive to take at least One Day a week
to do so ... not just on "Holidays"

We Expect Great things over the Next 90 days ... so watch this space.
Our Goal for 2013 is to have our Members Dominate
the TOP 10 of each of the 4 Programs within our System.

---January's Monthly Message: The Secret To Your Success---
Why mlm/networkmarketing MUST be treated as an "Investment" order For You to Be Successful.................... ..
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------

Once you understand this ... there will be NO Stopping You
from Achieving Any Financial Goal you may have for your
MLM/NetworkMarketing Business ... in Particular ... A.I.M

Wish Would You Choose ... A or B??
A ... depositing $90 a month into your 401k, RRSP, RSP,
Mutual Fund, Stocks, Bank Account, etc. for the Next 4 Years

B ... making that same deposit into your AIM Business

You see ... AIM was designed with this in mind
I hear people Complain all the time ... saying ...
... I lost $65k trying to make money online
... I have never made a cent online for the past 2 years
... etc. etc. etc.

What I have found in common with most of these people
is that they want to make Money FAST ...

For me 2 years is fast ... 4 years is fast ...
and if we are talking about $1M per year
... 6 years is still FAST ...

yet for these people ... their FAST is 30 days to 60 days
...and they wonder why they cannot make any money.
These same folks have Never Made $100,000 a year
at Anything they have EVER done ...  but they Believe
they can make that kind of Income ... Without Doing Anything
Online in a few Months ... Unbelievable ...

Do Yourself a Favour ...
Dont be fooled by the HYPE and LIES online about
making $164,456 in 1 week, or $794,789 in 6 months

Sure ... all those numbers are possible ... BUT ...
what you are not told is that it took them 3 years to 7 years or more
of trying, tweaking, and building, etc. before it happened as above

BUT ... they "forget" to tell you that ... just the 1 week success or 6 months success
I have Spent over 15 Years in the MLM Industry ...with Various Levels of Success.
I have Been Successful as a CFP ...when I quit my Fulltime JOB to do mlm Fulltime,
I was Making in excess of $100k per year as a CFP ...

Bottomline ... I know for a FACT that you have to Treat your mlm Business
as an Investment ... But  ... not all mlm can be treated as Such.

It has to be 100% Passive
NOT 99% most Opportunities ...
The Hardest Part is Always that 1% ... The Advertising ...

This is why our Automatic Internet Millionaire System (AIM) fits this Category
it is 100% Automated ... Only 5% of our members do Additional Advertising
and that is by Choice ... not Mandatory ...

Now, of course I am not referring to those programs that tell you
...No Recruiting ... just join ... you know ... those 1% a day, 2% a day etc.
Programs ... Believe there is no Investment that can Produce that
... that's my Background ... I know ...

Every mlm NEED Recruiting ...
Difference here is that ... WE do the Recruiting for You

Then there are the ones that tell you they are investing in Panels or Advertising
or whatever ... but you and I know there are not investing in anything ...
Sooner or later ... they disappear ... or you start to see changes ... like
offering you 3% instead of 2% ... or people telling you they have so much money
in their account ... but yet they cannot withdraw it ...
Anyhow ... let's move on ... just want you to be Clear that I am talking about
REAL mlm/networkmarketing/internet marketing Businesses.

Think about this ...
ALL you are doing (95% of our members)
is simply putting away $90 per month

How many of you put away money on a Monthly basis
in a Mutual Fund, IRA, 401k, Savings account, etc.?

And you do that ... NOT expecting Growth in 30 days or 60 days
Rather Years ...  10 years ... 20 years or More

Now how many people you know that CAN NOT afford to retire today
because the Stock Market Ate their money ... that Mutual fund Collapsed
... their REIT took a massive hit because of the Real Estate Bust ...???

Warren buffet
... regarded as one of the Most Successful Investor ... EVER...
what does he do ... He Buys and Hold ... Looking for his Returns ...
NOT 30 to 60 Days ...but Years ... 5 years ... 10 years ... or More.

The people who LOSE their Shirts are the ones looking to Make it BIG
in only a few days or months ... they LOSE over and over again ...
yet they keep doing it. For example ... Investing in Currencies
...if you want to make money ... just Trade the Daily Charts ...
yet most would be traders ... trade off 1 min charts, 5 min charts, 15 min charts
... even though it has been Proven over and over again ... that the BIG Boys
... the people making all the money ... trade off the Daily chart
(Of course there is More to it than that ... but that alone will put you
in the 3-5% of Successful Traders).

What does all that have to do with Automatic Internet Millionaire?
... Everything? ...
Not only AIM but ANY mlm/networkmarkeitng/internet marketing Business
that is Truly PASSIVE (assuming Built with a Solid System like ours)

This is completely different than what Most Network Marketers,
Affiliate Marketers, and Internet Marketers are Doing.
No wonder so many are not making money.

But that will not be You.
Stay the Course ... this time You will Win.

Believe me, you have to Treat your Business like an Investment.
Are You Getting that?

Treat it No different than Investing in Stocks, Gold, Silver, Currencies,
Real Estate, Bonds, and so on.
Yes, you can turn Your AIM Business
into a Non-Stop Recurring Income Stream.

But you have to do it like you are an Investor rather than just another Affiliate.

Listen Folks!
You can Forget about investing in Stocks, Currencies, Gold,
and so on, with all the uncertainties ... The Wave of the Future
is Investing in Businesses like AIM ...
this is not Investment Advice :)
... I am Strictly Speaking about AIM!


Everyday Billions of Dollars are invested in Stocks, Bonds, Currencies ...
and now Everyone is Preaching Dooms Day for Currencies ... Scaring people
into Buying Silver ... its no longer Gold you See ... Silver is the in thing ...

Yeah Right ... But, Let's leave that one alone for another time ...

None of these types of Investments can give you the Return on your
"Investment" as your AIM Business ... IF ...

Did you Notice the BIG if? ...
IF you do it the Right Way ... "the Investor Way"

Once you Learn How to do your mlm Business The Investor Way ... you will
Wonder Why No One Shared this with you Sooner ... or Why isn't everyone
Building their Business this way.

Not everyone is willing to share with you what I am Sharing with you.
When I was a CFP ... I had Clients Investing as little as $200 per month up to
$1000s per month ... all for nought ...cause in the end these Mutual Funds, stocks,
bonds, etc. would only yield 5% to 10% a year. Do you know How much money
you would have to set aside at those rates to have a Good Retirement Income???
Or how much it would take to be able to generate an Income of $100k per year ...
let alone $1M per year.

You would need to accumulate $20M ... to Realistically make $1M per year ...$2M
... just to make $100k per year ... oh and dont forget about the Tax Man (LOL)
SIDE BAR: Its not your Fault though ... Society does not want you to Succeed.
Cause if you do ... you pay less Taxes ... Warren buffet pays less than 18% in
Income Taxes (closer to 10%) ... yet I know people who make a mere $50,000
and they pay at least 30% ... Wow ... It's time we wake up. Make 100k at your
J O B and HALF of that to the Tax Man ...hmmm Slavery Anyone ... just a Side Note

Yet ... I can simply put aside $90 a month ...and Realistically Make $1M a year
within 2 years to 4 years and Pay less than 18% guessed it ... to the
Tax Man ... But he KEY is Treating your AIM Business like an Investment

...Patience Patience Patience

...those who leave our System ... will not find success anywhere else
or at least the probability of Success will not be as good...
Some have EVEN come back ... Good for them ...

AIM will provide you with a Lifelong Income ...
Income that comes in ... Month after Month ... Year after Year ...

Everyone wants this type of Income
... but few know or understand How to make it a Reality

People do not understand Seed TIME Harvest
...your $90 a month is you Sowing Your SEED
...You having Patience ... is you Allowing TIME to unfold

When you Sow and Allow Time ... you will Reap Your HARVEST
...some want to Reap without Sowing ...
some want to Reap without allowing Time
...You NEED Both in order to Harvest ...
That is the Investor Way ...

"Knowledge is Power" ... BUT ... Only if you APPLY it

Now that you Know ... Will You Apply it?
Leave the HYIPs, HYPE, LIES to those who Dont Know
Treat Your AIM Business like an investment and You will WIN
...Guaranteed ...

Let me Finish off by Saying ... You have Incredible potential.

Years of negative comments about what you can and cannot do have
shaped your Beliefs about your Abilities and Limits.  Discard the Beliefs
that OTHERS have Convinced you of. They do not know what you Can
and Cannot do.

By the Time I was age 30 I was retired.
People told me it was Impossible.
So many have been hurt by the "Financial Crisis" ... Even the so-called
"Best" of us!  I am back again to do it all over from Scratch ...
... This Time Online ...

My Personal Goal is to Make $10M per Year Online
And I will Achieve it ... By Helping Enough of you Make $1M a year
...$500k a year ... $250k a year ... $100k a year

Can you believe some people think it is impossible to make $1M online? 
Are you kidding me. The Internet has produced so many Millionaires already
Everyone CAN NOT be a Millionaire ... BUT ... why not You?

Before You know it ... 24 Months will have come and Gone
... 4 Years will have come and Gone

Wish Would You Choose ... A or B??

A ... depositing $90 a month into your 401k, RRSP, RSP,
Mutual Fund, Stocks, Bank Account, etc. for the Next 4 Years

OR ... B ... making that same deposit into your AIM Business


A ... $4320 ($90x48 months) Plus "Interest"
How much do you think you would have Earned on that?
It could be positive or even negative could have less than
what you started with. But let's be positive ... let's even assume
a 10% return per year ... BEST Case ...approx.  $5,514
(Dont take my Word for it ... ask your Banker
what you would have at the end of 4 years)

B ... BEST Case ... $1M
Hmmmm ...$1M vs $5,514 ... I know a Real ... No...Brainer
Too Optimistic ... ok ... How about half of that ... $100k per year
...How about 5% Success ... $50k per Year ...
Dont forget that ... per year part ...

Are you getting it?

Believe me ... We are doing Everything we can to Help you Succeed
... Some Subscribers ... even want us to pay the $90 a month for them
...WOW ...of course that is not going to happen :) ...

Seed ... Time ... Harvest ... Are you With me? The investor Way!!

2013 is Going to Be Fantastic for Your AIM Business
There are members with 3 personal sign ups but have over 40 members
in their downline ... there are members with more than 12 personal sign ups
with over 100 members in their downline ... Even members with ZERO personal
sign ups that are still making money
... it would take a BOOK to Explain How
Powerful This System is ... December's Message should have given you some
Incite to this ...

Stay the Course ... these Monthly Messages ... will give you some Nuggets ...
that will Stay with you for Life ... on your Journey to Become an ...
... Automatic Internet Millionaire ...

...February Monthly Message ... we will talk about Advertising.
Trust that you found some gold Nuggets in what we had to say.
Our Support Team is committed to your Success
... I am committed to your Success

... Your Success is not an Option ... it is a matter of Time
Michael Williams

“Without Knowledge the People Perish.”