February 2013 Monthly Message
http://www. automaticinternetmillionaire. ws/

Hello Everyone
Michael Williams here ...
Founder, A.I.M System and Leader of the Support Team

This Month's Message will focus on ADVERTISING.
But first .........
.... we have added Banners, Subject Lines, and Email Ads
that you can use ... of course this is for those who Choose
to do Additional Advertising to Speed up their Success.

You can see those resources at
http://www. automaticinternetmillionaire. ws/AdvertisingResources

If you Click on Additional Advertising you will be able to access
some of the Safelists that we use for Contact Solo Ads and Mega Solos.
Of course we cannot openly share all of our Resources ... especially
our Bulk Emailing, and PPC campaigns ... but these ones are simple to use.

We have over 450 Domain names that our Traffic comes from
yet some members, I suspect ones who are very New at Marketing,
seem to think that all our Traffic is coming from one Source ... namely
... which of course is not the case ...we simply use their
paid Rotator Service to Mask where our Traffic is coming from,
in order to Protect our System.

As a default for using their product we do get some traffic from them
and also from a few other TE when we Purchase a Combo Pack Solo Ad,
like Using there Rotator Service also allows us to Buy
In Bulk and pass the Savings to you, the members ...enabling you to access
Resources that your $40 by itself, could not reach, like Media Buys.

By the way ... when you have a member that Quits after a few weeks,
it is usually because they were hoping to find out where our Traffic
is coming from ... once they realize that they cannot ... they leave.

We have Posted our Previous Monthly Messages at
http://www. automaticinternetmillionaire. ws/November2012Message
... this way when New Members come on Board they will have access to them.

Folks ... we will only get Better as we Continue to Grow.
February 1st marks our Official One Year Anniversary,
as prior to Feb 2012, we were in Test Mode for 18 months.
Within that One year we now have members in the Top 10
of Trafficwave, Global NPN, and BeMotivatedToday.
By our 2nd Year Anniversary, Our Members will be dominating
the Top 10 of all 4 Companies within our System.

If you have not done so ... it is a good idea to go through Past Messages
...well Worth the Time ... even to Re-Read them from time to time.

Now .. ADVERTISING ... The Real Life Blood of ANY Business.

Some members think that $40 a month is a lot of money for Advertising.
Sadly, that is far from the Truth ... others believe that they can Build a Business
using Free Advertising ... here's the thing about Paid Advertising ... you can
always get more. You can spend $40 a month or $400 per month or you can spend
Hours a day driving Free Traffic ... but was it really free. If you have nothing
better to do with your time then I guess that's okay but after awhile you get
burned out or bored so you Quit

Remember what our Goal is ...
To Achieve $1M per year ... so $40 a month is not a lot to spend
in order to make $400 a month ... $4000 a month ... $40,000 a month,. etc.

For Our Advertising we use the following:
Double Opt-in Email Advertising (Bulk Emailing)
Redirect, PPV, PPC, PTC,
Contact Solo Ads (Safelists)
Text Advertising
Classified Advertising
Banner Advertising

Our goal is Simple ... Get your Sites seen by as Many Targeted people
(meaning people who are looking for a Home Based Business)
...for mlm/network marketing ... your Best Cost Effective Advertising is
Email Marketing ...

Everyone seem to be pushing SEO, Social Media,etc.
yet Emails outnumber Google searches, Tweets, Internet Page Views,
and yes ... even Facebook posts
...Emails outnumber them by as much
as 4 times.

You have to have an email address to sign up for Twitter, Facebook, or any of
Google’s services and there is no indication this will change any time soon.

Approximately 294 Billion Email Messages are sent every day
and that does not include all the SPAM emails that you receive ...
over 100 Billion messages each day are classified as spam
... this is why EMAILS are the Most Valued Property on the Internet.

Now that you know this ... you can see why we focus on Email Marketing
more than any other Type of Advertising ... with that said, you can also
appreciate that it is not EASY to get your Message seen.
But with consistency ... doing it over and over and over again ...
sending the same Message up to 7 times ... switch ... and then come back again

...just to have that person Open your Message ...then they may have to see that
Message a few times ...before they Click on that LINK ... and yet again they may
have to see that Capture Page a FEW times before they Subscribe ...and we are
still not done ...they may need to get Our Report a few times ... a few follow up
messages... Before they become a Paid Member ... so it is NOT Easy ...

So many have not figured this out yet ... so that is why some Quit
...because they think it is taking too long ... "Oh, I got 5000 hits and
no sign ups"
... that could be 5000 people seeing your Page for the first time ...

We have some members who waited 6 Months before they signed up
...and that's okay ... we don't use any Hype to get people to join.
When your Subscribers send us Questions ... that is a part of the process
...a lot goes on behind the scenes ... Thank God for Technology most
of it is automated ... but when the questions come ... we tell them the Truth
...that this is not a 30 to 90 day business ... that it may take 90 days to
get their First Sign up ... that this is a Real BUSINESS and as such
it will take time to build ...but we are still talking 2 years to 4 years
...  closer to 4 years for Most ... but we are also talking about $1M per year.

Imagine this ... you just got hired for your Job ... making $37,000 yearly.
your Boss tells you that if you stay with their Company 4 years you will be Making $1M a year ... would you Quit?
Let's say it is rough during the first few months ...even during the first year
...would you Quit? Knowing that you will end up with $1M a year in just
4 short years?  Of course not ...

The Reality is that Most people will never see that kind of income in their life
Less than 5% of the Entire Population make that kind of Income.

Here is Something I saw on my Bank's website.
HOW TO MAKE $1M PER YEAR ...are you Ready for this???
During Age 25 - 29 you must invest $115 per month
30-34 you must Invest $285 per month
35-39 ... $565 per month
40-49 ... $1,125 per month
50-64 ... $1,460 per month
Throughout that whole time you MUST be making 5% a year, Compounded
Monthly. In the end you will end up with $1,005,906 ... not per year ...
just a lump sum.

How old are you? Can you Save those monthly amounts?
How many 50 year old do you know that can Save $1,460 per month?
To Make the $1M at the end of 40 Years of Saving/Investing
you would have to put aside the monthly amounts starting at Age 25.

Now you see why so many jump into those 1%, 2% a day, etc. programs
...they know it is impossible to make that Return a day in any market
...yet they roll the dice ...because the BANKS can not Help them.

But we can ... if they are willing to be Patient
Let the System do the Work .. Help the System if you cannot sit on your hands
and be Patient ... I know ... some folks just have to be active .. go ahead ...
be active along with the System ... Everyone will be rewarded

You see ... if at the end of 12 months ... you only have 12 people in your entire
group ...that includes direct sign ups and indirect sign ups ... total members ...
you are still okay the end of 2 years if all you have is 156 Total members
... you are still okay ... The Reality is that some members have 156 in their
first year I am just saying ... because all of us will grow at different levels

...even with 156 members in 2 years ... your business will grow to 1800 members
at the end of 3 years ... it's as if you are being Rewarded for your Patience
... you just Jump form 156 to 1800 in 12 months ...

Let the System Advertise for you over and over again will not get Tired ... it will not get Bored ... it will not Quit

The System can take as much Advertising as you throw at it
...but don't waste money on things like Guaranteed Visitors know those "Visitor Shark" programs ... I don't know
how many times they have changed their website to rob people
of their money ... Stick to Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges, even
Traffic Exchanges are better than these Guaranteed Traffic programs.
Of course I don't know Everything, so if you know of one that
works ... Sure ...let me know ...

...if doing PPC (Paid To Click) ... use companies that are affiliated
with mlm ... like, for example ... don't lose your shirt
trying to use Google, or Ad Networks that have run of the Mill Traffic
...most of these Networks that those so-called Gurus tell people to use
are Best for Selling Products ... not network marketing ... so Beware

Make sure your Subject line is relevant to your Email Message
...make sure your Email Message is short and to the point
..the only goal for the Subject is to get the Reader to Open your
Mail ...that's it ...the Message ... is to get them to Click your Link ...
not to Sell them (that's what the Report is for) ...only for them to
Click the Link ... that's it

Then comes the Capture Page ... there is nothing wrong with our Page
... it does its job ... to get the "Right" person to Subscribe ...we want
Subscribers that are really interested in our offer ...we are not looking
for people to just Subscribe to make our numbers look good ...

we can get a whole bunch of those folks by using Guaranteed Sign Up
Programs ... you will get Subscribers but then on the 2nd email you will
find that their Email Address bounces ...

...some Traffic are best for Exposure ... Creating Awareness
...that is where Banner Ads Come in ... or Traffic Exchanges (TE)
... you will need a lot of Banner Impressions to get a Subscriber
and the same with hits on a TE ... yet they do serve a purpose

Remember over 5000 Safelists out there
..Best to use Credit Based Safelists ...
Don't listen to the Ezine people ... they will tell you that
Safelists don't work ...yet I have personally signed up
hundreds of people using Safelists ... they are just a Safe way
...Spam free way of sending out Emails
...once you understand
how to use them ... they are a Gold mine waiting for you ...
One person I know signed up 173 people in One Month using Safelists.

Some of you have asked me about Blasters, Submitters, Bulk Emailing,etc.
Let me just touch on this a bit ...

Each email provider have a maximum send rate
...example ... if you are sending messages to hotmail accounts
if you send more than 200 per hour ... they will flag your message
as Spam ... may even block you ... doesn't matter where it is coming from
... whether safelists, Bulk mailer, Blasters, etc.

Email providers know that most people do not send out that much emails
at one time ... so "must be spam" ... hence the Allowable Send rates

Most Safelists know this , so they don't send more than 200 per hour
or 4800 per day.  Each email provider has a different limit
...200 per hour is a good rule of thumb.
Using Safelists ... one does not need to be concerned

This is why most Blasters don't work
unless the owner know what they are doing
but most don't care ... they just take your money

Some Bulk Mailers will tell you they can send out 50,000 per day
...impossible unless they are using multiple IPs ...
for example ...  if you use 10 IPs to send out messages ...
then you can send out 200 per hour per IP ...thus 2000 per hour

... Again ... a lot of Bulk Email providers will not tell you this
just take your money .. and you would not be the wiser

Granted there is more to it ... than above ...
but for our purpose ... that should suffice.

I hope that you found some Nuggets in All that was said...
... Next Month we will focus on Your Mind ... it is Amazing
How so many people are killing their Own Success ...
by The Way they think ... if that is you ... we have the Cure

We have spent thousands of dollars in testing a whole lot of
Advertising ... just about all of the guaranteed traffic out there,
Lead suppliers, PPC Ad Network for Media Buys, Pay Per View (PPV)
suppliers ... you name it we have tried it ...and then narrowed it down to
450+ domains that we are satisfied with ... yet it still takes time in our previous message "Seed Time Harvest" ...
you cant get around that ...

Even if you went out there and get 12 of your buddies to join your AIM System
in one month ... will they do the same??? Probably not
... they may take 12 months each ...

You have a Solid System ...we are here for the LONG HAUL
Like I said my Personal Goal is to make $10M a year Online ... I always
Accomplish my Goals ...and this will be no different long as God
continue to give me the Strength and Know How ...

So Team Up ... Sit Back ... and Enjoy the Ride
as you Become an Automatic Internet Millionaire

Be Blessed Everyone ... To Our Success
Michael Williams
Do You Have Vision?
Vision Inspires Effort.
Vision Creates the Ability to Accomplish the Impossible.
So Think BIG ... and ACT!